CSNA (v4) – Program and feedback

What is CSNA ?

CSNA (Certified Stormshield Network Administrator) is a Stormshield certification about SNS (Stormshield Network Security) products.

This certification covers the SNS product line as well as the main features of products (available in French and English).

CSNA training is divided in two parts and runs on 3 days* :

  • Theoretical part (courses)
  • Practical part (labs)

This training is certified “SecNumedu” by the French organization ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information)

*It is also possible to subscribe to the “CSNA Certification Kit” which will give access to you to the training book (in PDF), labs ressources and two tries for the final exam.

What’s about the program ?

Here is the detailed program for CSNA (v4)* :

  • Training and Certification details
  • Introduction to Stormshield and its products
  • Getting started with the firewall
  • Logs and supervision
  • Objects
  • Network configuration
  • Address translation
  • Filtering
  • Application protection
  • Users and authentication
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Diagnostics

*Labs are linked to each parts of program allowing you to practice them.

More details at Stormshield CSNA Training Course

Feedback (spoiler : I get certified !)

The CSNA was not so hard for me because of my background with this products (and my study background for network basis). Be careful though, the training book and labs were very useful (and even essential), this exam is not easy !

I have been working for 2 years now with the following SNS appliances :

  • SN160 / SN160W
  • SN200 / SN210 / SN210W
  • SN300 / SN310
  • SN510
  • SN910

However, the training book allowed me to understand many specific settings as well as the subtleties to know how to master these equipments at best.

I truly recommend to practice “labs” especially if you have never worked on SNS appliances before.

Finally, for beginners on SNS appliances, I don’t really recommend subscribing to the “CSNA Certification Kit” (what I did), prefer the 3-day training given by a certified instructor who will highlight the critical points of this certification and who can also answer to your technical questions.

Good luck ! 🍀

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